Special Projects

Every year, the RVPF participates in a number of special projects that benefit from the expertise and dedication of our Board of Trustees. Below are links to our current projects.

Virginian Railway Passenger Station Restoration

Historic Gainsboro History Walk

Boones Mill Norfolk & Western Depot Restoration


The RVPF is committed to educating the citizens of our community about the importance, value, and benefits of preservation and conservation. We provide a variety of programs, publications, and tours annually to help fulfill this goal. Please refer to our Events & Tours page for upcoming educational programs and the Resources page for educational materials.

Economic Benefits of Preservation

Public Policy

The Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation monitors legislative actions at the local, state, and federal level to ensure laws and land use decisions are in the best interest of the Valley’s resources. This entails tracking local public hearing agendas and maintaining open communication with area localities. At the State and Federal level, the RVPF relies heavily on the efficient monitoring and notifications of Preservation Virginia, Preservation Action, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The RVPF uses status updates on Facebook to keep our supporters current on the latest legislative items.

Endangered Sites List

Since 1996, the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation has annually announced a list of significant historic, natural, and cultural sites in the Roanoke Valley that are in eminent danger of being lost due to deferred maintenance, demolition, or incompatible development. The intent is not to shame or punish the current owners, but bring attention to these sites and encourage their preservation and stewardship. The goal is to work closely with property owners and local governments in exploring options to promote their preservation. The best success we can ask for is to celebrate a once endangered property at our annual Preservation Awards Ceremony.

Endangered Sites Nomination Form

2014 Endangered Sites List
2013 Endangered Sites List
Villa Heights

Preservation Awards

Since 1999, the RVPF has annually recognized outstanding preservation efforts in the community by developers, property owners, citizens, nonprofits, and local officials. Typical projects include adaptive reuse of historic buildings, compatible infill development, and land conservation. Recognizing these efforts raises awareness about the power preservation has to protect and enhance communities and the places that matter. The Awards Ceremony is held in November at the Annual Meeting of the RVPF.


Preservation Award Nomination Form

2017 Preservation Awards
2016 Preservation Awards
2015 Preservation Awards
2014 Preservation Awards
2013 Preservation Awards
2012 Preservation Awards

Robert France Revolving Loan Fund

The Robert France Revolving Fund was established to earmark funding for the purchase, lease, or stabilization of significant and endangered historic or natural properties. Proceeds from sales, leases, and loan repayments are used to replenish the Fund. The RVPF may attach protective covenants and/or easements to the deed of properties receiving funds to ensure appropriate maintenance by future owners. Eligible projects and selection criteria may be found in the Robert France Revolving Fund Guidelines.

Robert France Revolving Fund Guidelines

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